Social Media Advertising

Utilise the worlds largest social media platforms to find & target your audience.

We all know the reach & role social media has in todays world. That’s why I help you get the best out of it for your business, using prior experience to identify the right channel for your needs, and work with you to find your target audience.


Not just for arguing about Brexit discovering that someone you sat next to in Maths has just moved to Dubai, Facebook is also the biggest and most commonly used social media platform used by advertisers. With the ability to target based on user interests, re-target past visitors to your website, or show product focused adverts, this is an incredibly versatile platform that drives real results across the board.


Using Facebook’s powerful ad manager targeting, Instagram is geared towards visual brands, who can promote their products & services through eye-catching imagery & videos. Driving users take action on-site, instead of remaining on their feeds and falling down a rabbit-hole of influencers & expensive cars they’ll never own, can produce good results for organisations.


The ‘professional‘ social media platform is used primarily for B2B clients, where users can be targeted based on job titles, industry experience, company type, and many other factors that users update when creating their profile. This channel is a good way of signing users up to relevant events, such as webinars and conferences, or advertising software to the people who actually need it.

Other platforms

Social media platforms spring up so quickly and there are so many opportunities for those organisations wanting to test new things out. Fancy connecting with a younger audience? Well maybe you could consider Tik-Tok. Have a significant amount of high-quality videos? We could run sequential YouTube ads that inform the users further of your products & services.

With experience across the top social media platforms in use, I am able to help you out when it comes to social media advertising. Get in contact today so we can discuss your requirements and how best we can work together.

Since we started working with Phil, we have gained greater insight into how our customers are finding us online. With this information, we could spend more time focusing on the strategies that actually worked, resulting in more enquiries for our money.

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