Paid Advertising

What is Paid Advertising? The most commonly found model of Paid Advertising is PPC search advertising. PPC, (or Pay-Per-Click) is through search engines, where advertisers ‘bid‘ on certain keywords & phrases that are relevant to their organisational offerings. When a user searches for these phrases, an ad will appear, and if the user clicks on this ad, the advertiser will be charged, hence Pay-Per-Click.

Put the right ads, in front of the right people, at the right time.

Quickly generate results that make a sustainable impact on your organisation with paid advertising.

Google Ads.

Get your business in-front of the right people with the worlds largest search engine. With Google being the go-to for 93% of UK searches, I work with you to get the right people on your website who go on to make a meaningful difference to your business.

Microsoft Advertising Platform.

Although not the biggest, Microsoft Advertising Platform, formerly known as Bing Ads, can still generate great results for your organisation. With many smartphones now running Bing as their default search engine, this platform is definitely worth considering.

Display Advertising.

What about when users aren’t actively searching for your services or products? Re-target them with high quality display banners, that serve through the Google Display Network (GDN), or other third party suppliers. Learn more about display and re-marketing services.

Shopping Campaigns.

If you run an e-commerce website, then shopping campaigns can help you to generate more sales online. Instead of search ads, show image-led products ads to increase engagement, visitors to your website and sales.

We work collaboratively with Phil on a regular basis and he has played a major role in multiple digital campaigns, all of which have achieved fantastic results. His knowledge, attention to detail and communication are second to none. We really enjoy working with Phil and look forward to doing so on future successful campaigns!

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