Digital Strategy

Whatever your objective, you need a plan.


1. Initial meeting.

First things first, I need to learn about what you want to achieve. These initial discussions are key to work out what you are looking to gain from digital marketing, so I can go away and develop a strategy suited to your organisation & its needs.

2. Development.

Maybe you already have some ideas. Want more efficient paid search results? We can look into bid-strategy testing on Google. Need to grow your audience? Have we considered running a social media campaign? We take your objectives and use our industry expertise to develop a strategy.

3. Discussion.

Discussions about these plans with you help to clarifying the main areas we are looking to focus on, answering any questions along the way and showing you how we are working towards your objective. With the aim of being totally transparent, not just with our methods, but also when it comes to expectations, media spend and all stages of working together.

4. Let’s get going.

Once all confirmed, it’s time to get going. I start implementing actions, giving you time frames on when you can expect to see campaigns live, results coming in or different stages of the strategy implemented.

But this isn’t the end of the process. Gathering data, reviewing performance and optimise towards those initial objectives, whilst reporting back to you on performance and future plans.

Case Studies.

blur bottle bright building

Garden office supplier.

Through a full account restructure, bid strategy testing and a more strategic approach to prioritising high-converting search terms, cost-per-enquiry reduced from £68, to £12 in a 4 month period.

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rear view of man on mountain road against sky

National cycling retailer.

Noticing our target audience had a long consideration phase before buy products online, we developed a dynamic retargeting campaign through Facebook, increasing our return-on-ad-spend to 2,300%.

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We work collaboratively with Phil on a regular basis and he has played a major role in multiple campaigns, all of which have achieved fantastic results. His knowledge, attention to detail and communication are second to none. We really enjoy working with Phil and look forward to doing so on future successful campaigns!

Dan Bowler – Premier Digital Marketing

Since we started working with Phil, we have gained greater insight into how our customers are finding us online. With this information, we could spend more time focusing on the strategies that actually worked, resulting in more enquiries for our money.

Richard & Alexis Simons – Pure Stone

Let’s work together.