I’m Phil, a Bristol based digital marketer, looking to solve marketing challenges for independent businesses in Bristol, the South West & across the UK. Born & raised in East of England, I moved to Bristol in the summer of 2019, to further my digital marketing career.

I am passionate about working closely with my clients to produce results that actually benefit your organisation in day-to-day life, not just results that read well on a graph.

I started my working life, and still specialise in, paid advertising, and can regularly be found boring ex-colleagues with discussions about the latest Google Automated bidding strategies, or the best way to re-target through Facebook Ads.

Having worked in a broad range of industries, I have gained experience with B2B, B2C, third sector and all sorts of clients, and so no prospective client is too daunting. Throughout my career, I have met & developed a wide network of industry experts, many of whom I collaborate with to this day. If there are services which I am unable to directly offer, I am always happy to refer to a contact of mine, to get you the service you are looking for.

Although Bristol based, I have clients across the country, and am always keen to have an excuse to visit new areas in my trusty T25 Campervan for a meeting.

Phil Baker - Bristol based digital marketer.

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Since we started working with Phil, we have gained greater insight into how our customers are finding us online. With this information, we could spend more time focusing on the strategies that actually worked, resulting in more enquiries for our money.

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